The Hunt County Democratic Party provides support for Democratic candidates and voters in Hunt County. 


We are separate from, but work closely with, the Texas Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee

Smart, open government

We believe in the rule of law. No one is above the law, and we must strive toward a fair criminal justice system that serves all people. Robust public and higher education opportunities are critical for our future. Our economy must benefit everyone, not just the wealthy few. 


A Healthy Hunt County

We believe every resident of Hunt County should have affordable healthcare. Women's reproductive rights are human rights. We must protect and repair the climate to give future generations a clean and healthy planet. A strong social safety net protects the most vulnerable and creates opportunity for Hunt County.

Equality and liberty

We are committed to expanding opportunity for every Hunt County resident no matter their race, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic or immigration status. 


State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC)

If you work with the Hunt County Democratic Party or attend an Executive Meeting, you will hear about the “SDEC” or, State Democratic Executive Committee. It is a special body created by the Texas Democratic State Party, separate from the Hunt County Democratic Party. 


The committee's mission is to "carry on the activities of the Party between State Conventions in compliance with the law and with the directives of the Convention." 

The SDEC includes Democratic National Committee members, elected Texas Democratic Party officers, and one woman and one man from: 

  • Each state senate district

  • The Asian American Democrats

  • Coalition of Black Democrats 

  • County Chairs Association

  • Democrats with Disabilities

  • Hispanic Caucus

  • Non-Urban/Ag Caucus

  • Stonewall Democrats

  • Texas Democratic Women (two women)

  • Texas Environmental Democrats 

  • Texas Young Democrats

Our SDEC representatives


Kendall Scudder 

Senate District 2 

(903) 243-2555


Cristan Shamburger 

Senate District 2 

(903) 461-4102