Friends of the Hunt County Democratic Party

The Friends of HCDP are a formal committee of the Hunt County Democratic Party. This committee brings Hunt County Democratic Party plans and priorities to life.


Joining the Friends gives you a chance to get involved in our party at your own pace. There are three ways to participate: as chair or co-chair, on current committees, and as a general member.

Current Committees

Voter Registration/Outreach

This committee focuses on our most important job: getting votes. Committee members work to train volunteer deputy voter registrars, organize county-wide voter registration drives, and develop outreach programs to underrepresented communities.


Candidate Recruitment

This committee recruits, trains, and guides Hunt County Democrats running for office.

Community Service

This group develops and manages our community service initiatives.


The committee ensures that all projects honor the values and beliefs of the Democratic Party.


This team oversees fundraising efforts and budgetary matters.

They work to find financial support for campaigns and activities.


This committee also sees to the general needs of the party including making sure our organizational structure is sensible and efficient.


This team uses traditional and digital channels to get the word out about the Hunt County Democrats. 

The committee creates engaging, positive stories about the party's events and activities to share on social media and with local press.


They develop talking points, digital content and other messages to counter radical right-wing propaganda. 


Membership Development

This committee plans programs and activities to attract and inform new members, encourage current members to get and stay involved, and improve the membership experience.

The Friends of Hunt County Democratic Party committee works together to register voters, serve the community, and get out the vote.


They also make regular reports to the HCDP Executive Committee, seek approval for and request funds for projects that carry our banner.